Industrial Warehousing

Over the years Godrej has developed solutions for scientific storage of many materials and is visible in their exhaustive product range of racks. Since these products are technical, only basic information is provided online. Please feel free to leave us an enquiry below or call us on the above number to have our sales executive visit you.

Slotted Angle rack

Is a multipurpose storage solution and is used for the widest application. It is restricted to a width of 900mmm and a maximum load carrying capacity of 80kgs/level.


Boltless Racks

This is a similar solution to the slotted angle rack, but is designed to be installed without any bolts. This helps maximize productivity when racks have to be moved around and used in different locations.


Long span racks

Provides a wider structure to the racks than the slotted angle racks and is used for wider items. Widths are available up till 2100mm and load carrying capacity is extended to 200kgs/level.


Heavy Duty Racks

Mainly used for storing Palettes and other Heavy items. Widths are restricted to 1300mm but the load carrying capacity can be up till 800kgs/level.


Drive in Palate Rack

This solution is similar to the Heavy Duty racks but are designed to be accessed and operated by Material handling Equipment like Forklifts and Stackers.


Mobile Palate Racking

By far the most ambitious rack we have in our catalog. Similar in construction to the Heavy duty Racks, but the difference being that the Racks are mounted on rails and can be moved laterally to create aisle space for material handling equipment. The Racks move to create aisle space only when that rack needs to be accessed. This creates extremely high density of storage areas and requires a single aisle space for the entire rack system.

Shop Floor Solutions

Godrej in Association with Fami from Italy Brings you a range of Work in Progress (WIP) furniture.

Work Bench

Tool Storage

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