Steel Chef Modular Kitchens and Kreation Cupboards

Can your carpenter Promise you a termite and water proof kitchen?
We can!

Heart Of Steel

Our kitchens are made of Galvanized steel with an epoxy polyester powder coating. The steel makes our kitchens 10 times stronger than wooden ones and last a lifetime. Galvanize steel makes it resistant to water and rust, and the bacteriostatic paint stops the spread of germs. Say goodbye to pesky termites, cockroaches, oil and grime stains.

Ergonomically designed for the Indian Household

Our kitchens are designed to do the maximum while giving your body the comfort it deserves. Helping you make the most out of every nook and hard to reach cranny in your kitchen. They even go around the odd layout your builder handed over to you!

Give your kitchen some of your beautiful personality

Select from a variety of finish options like cool metal, warm wood, hi gloss laminate and matt membrane.

Great colours available in:

Marine Ply Doors
Steel Doors
MDF Doors
PU Doors

The diamonds are in the details

It’s the small things that can make the biggest difference! And we have a whole range of little knick-knacks that can make your kitchen a joy to use including Specially designed modules for every conceivable use.

Wardrobes with the same heart of steel

With Kreation, you can get the longest lasting wardrobes with interiors made of mild steel. Comes with an option of wooden and metal doors in vibrant colors and a premium look and feel. The modular design lets you can combine any number of differently sized units to make a customized wall to wall wardrobe. Units include dressers, T.V. units, lockers and drawer units to accessorize your wardrobe.

Our Steel Chef Range

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